Men's Group

When King David was about to die, his words to his son, King Solomon, were very telling:

“Be strong, and show yourself a man.”

Many professing Christian men need to receive this exhortation of David. Being men of God requires devotion to the study and application of Scripture. Men need to be equipped and encouraged from God's word to properly fulfill their roles as sons, brothers, husbands, fathers, servants, and leaders in the church. They need to walk closely together, confess sins, repent of erroneous ideas of manliness, pray for one another, and be strengthened by the Holy Spirit to grow in grace and holiness.


Men's Group for 2017 will watch and consider a lecture series based on Sam Waldron's  A Man as Priest in His Home.  There are 10 sessions (roughly 30 minutes long) explaining the biblical role of men as spirtual leaders in their home. After watching a lecture we will disscuss the topic and pray for each other. 

We will meet the last Saturday of every month from 9:00-11:00am at a member's home.

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