God and Myself

Lord God Almighty,

Your understanding is unsearchable and infinite,
Your arm cannot be stayed,
Your actions extend through limitless space,
All works hang on Your care,
With You time is a present now.

Holy is Your wisdom, power, mercy, ways, works.
How can we stand before You with our numberless and aggravated offences?

We have often loved darkness, observed lying vanities,
forsaken Your given mercies,
trampled underfoot Your beloved Son,
mocked Your providences,
flattered You with our lips,
broken Your covenant.

It is because of Your compassion that we are not consumed.
Lead us to repentance, and save us from despair;
Let us come to You renouncing, condemning, loathing ourselves,
but hoping in the grace that flows even to the chief of sinners.
At the cross may we contemplate the evil of sin, and abhor it,
look on Him whom we pierced,
as One slain for us, and by us.

May we never despise His death by fearing its efficacy for our salvation.
And whatever cross we are required to bear,
let us see Him carrying a heavier.
Teach us in health to think of sickness,
in the brightest hours to be ready for darkness;
in life prepare us for death.
Thus may our souls rest in You, O immortal and transcendent One,
revealed as You are in the Person and work of Your Son,
the Friend of sinners.